Possibility to search in shared views on smartphone

Hi. I think that it will be very useful to have a built-in search in shared views (grid as well as gallery view) available from mobile phones. Sharing database with lot of information without possibility to find specific data makes shared view useless in some way. And since using Airtable from a mobile is a daily routine, the ability to search the database seems to me to be a feature of first necessity. I know that it possible to use browser “find on a page”, but that not so obvious and requires two additional clicks.

Also, search in shared base is not always working well. Latest Chrome on Xiaomi mi9:

  1. The search result overlaps other elements of the page (grid view).
    Screenshot 2021-12-11 131131

  2. Search button just not working (gallery view, page refreshing didn’t help), video:

P.S. Similar suggestion from 2017:


Totally agree! Most of my teams are using mobile way more than desktop. In a fast-paced production environment, it’s just not feasible to go to a desktop every time they need to look something up, but without the search functionality, it’s also not feasible to find the info they need on mobile. We desperately need this very basic functionality added for shared views on mobile!

'+ 1 for this feature request. Just made a digital directory, shared it, but not searchable… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: