Possible to automate a +1 (add) into a number field

Hi! Have not figured out this yet. It seems like a task, but I am not sure what the most elegant solution is.

How can you add a +1 to a number if something happens in a record?

Tor Martin

Automations don’t understand formulas, so you would need to create a new formula field where the NEW NUMBER already exists. (In other words, you would create a formula field which is equal to your original number field +1.)

Then, set an Airtable Automation to set your original number field to the contents of the formula field, which will kick in whenever your trigger happens.

(Alternatively, you could automate this with a custom JavaScript as well, but the method above doesn’t require any coding.)

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Thank you for your answer.
I’ll see how this will work for me.

ons. 3. mar. 2021 kl. 20:01 skrev ScottWorld via Airtable Community Forum <airtable@discoursemail.com>:

Hi @ScottWorld
How can I update the original numbers field (task_completed) with the numbers in “add_number”.

Can I refer to a field when using “Update record”?

Tor M

Yes, click on the blue plus sign and choose the formula field.

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Thanks, worked perfectly!