Possible to create form field with no input?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a field in a form that is “information only”. That is, it does not have a place for the user to reply or take action?

e.g. I have created a registration form and I want to give some extra information about my event. But I do not need the user to choose an answer or give any input. I guess I am asking if there is something like a “null” field type.


why not create a single selection field with a simple yes/no?

examples: would you go to this event? (yes/no)

you could also use a mock field, prefilled or non obligatory:

which way goes you? (horde/alliance)

what’s your fav team? (instinct/valor/mystic/poke-what?)

and also set an optional email field, so you can use rollup and set a mailing list later.