Possible to Filter by Dates in a Formula Field?

I’ve scoured the message boards and cannot find a workaround for this. I have a formula to calculate a Due Date in a formula field; however, the filtering options for the formula field is quite unhelpful. I would love the option to filter for due dates within a week from now (etc) but the only options I have are “contains” and “empty” - which prevents me from creating filtered lists of Tasks that need to be done soon. The best I can do is sort the entire list - which isn’t nearly as helpful.

Anyone have a workaround or idea here (I would like to keep the formula as is - it tracks when items need to be done based on a final date)? I could copy and paste all the values into a date field, but that extra step might be unnecessary (hopefully)?

Here’s the formula I’m using if helpful: DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Event Date},({Days Before Event}*-1), ‘days’),“M/D/YYYY”)

Hi Kristen. I was a little surprised at your question because I’ve never run across this limitation (which just means I probably hadn’t tried it yet). So I created a formula (simple DATEADD) that returned a date, though not yours (interesting as I’ve never tried *- together…does it work?)

Anyhoo. I think what you’re missing is that your formula returns a string. Won’t taking the DATETIME_FORMAT out work fine for you? The formatting tab in the formula field window should format the date you’re after by default.


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Thank you! This demonstrates my underlying ignorance of the processes at work with functions. Appreciate your help and clear explanation!

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