Possible to iterate through 'selected' fields in records in Scripting Block?

Hi there, Newbie from the Netherlands here,

At the far right of the records we have these small selection fields.
Would it be possible to mark some of these records and then iterate through this selection in a Script Block?
In other words: is this field accessible in Scripting Block?

I would be gratefull to hear your reactions!

Ronald Vonk

As far as I know, this is not possible in the Scripting Block. This sounds like the feature request I made a few weeks ago.

This feature is available in the new Custom Blocks SDK. Some of the relevant documentation can be found here: Airtable Blocks SDK

I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with these too much, but from my high-level look, it seems to do what we’re both looking for (just not in the Scripting Block context).

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Thank you Matthew_Thomas,

I have found a sub-optimal solution just by adding a column with checkboxes :-).
This does the job for now…

Best regards,