Possible to load an editable rich text field in a block, on record selection?

I’m transitioning from Notion, and REALLY miss a space for easy RTF notes. If I could select a record, and have it load a specific RTF field in a block, I think this could be a good workaround.

I think you left out a key requirement - to be able to edit that field in the block, right?

Yes correct! Being able to have a larger space to edit the RTF would be great.

Only a Custom Block is able to do this integrated into the Airtable UI itself. Alternatively, you could pass the content to an external web app/editor which would also write the changed content back to the record courtesy of the API.

I did come across this today: https://devpost.com/software/knowledgeblock

This is 100% what I want, but without the depth of a wiki.

Yep - as I said - a custom block is how you get there.

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