Possible to multiply and join comma separated fields?

I got two questions within one questions I can’t figure out if it’s solvable as I need both to work to fix my problem. I really hope someone can help as nothing tried sofar is working, and don’t know if it’s possible at all.
I got two comma separated roll up fields one with names and one with numbers and on field with a number.

Field A: 2,3,4
Field B: Bob, Jerry, Katy
Field C: 2

First im trying to mutiply every number in Field A with Field C.
So Field A1: 4,6,8
I’ve tried in the rollup window to use this formular ARRAYJOIN(VALUE(values)*FieldC) but throws me an error.

Then I need the multiplied values in the comma separated field (Field A1) to be matched up with the names in Field B:
Field D: Bob 4, Jerry 6, Katy 4

Does anyone know if this this is at all possible?


Before I offer any insights, indulge me with a few question concerning the shape of the data.

  1. Does field (A) always have a total of three numbers? Or, does it dynamically expand and contract depending on the table row?
  2. Does field (B) always behave the same as field (A)? i.e., a one-to-one matching of item counts where the count of items in (A) is always equal to the count of items in field (B).
  3. Obviously, what you really care about most are the products – the outcomes of field © and (D). If true, have you considered performing the computations pre-rollup and rolling up the computed values?
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Hi @Bill.French

Yes, Field A and Field B are located in a table called ‘Products’ and are rolling up values from the same table (Work table). One is for a name and the other is an average time duration. So one name should aways go with one duration.

My problem is that I have a ‘Product table’ (The table FieldA, B, C & D is located) Each product have different quantities.
In the Work table different people can log their time spend on making the products in the products table. But each person can work on multiple items at once.
But my person is linked to mutiple products I can’t proportionally split the time spend pr products.
I instead I take the logged time and divide that with a roll up of quantities from my ‘Products tabel’ to get an average time spend pr unit.
The the average time spend is rolled back up in my Field A, But need to multiply it with the quantity in the individual record (Field C). And then match it with the rolled up names.

Not sure if that makes sense?

Yep - it’s starting to make sense, although, giving you specific advice could be premature. If I seem too focused on the backstory, it’s only because I’m trying to lay the foundation for another more skilled community member to chime in. :wink:

Here’s another question -

  • When people log their time for work tasks, do they use an Airtable form? Or are they just updating the table directly? More deeply, I’m curious about the nature of the data being rolled up - it’s obviously a transaction list of some sort. Perhaps a sample in a screenshot would be helpful.

Yep they’re using airtable forms.

Basiclly what I have is:
Products table - list of product with different quantities.
Person table - list of names
Work table - airtable form that links to person table and products table (can link to mutiple products).

What i’m trying to do is make a list in my products table that summarises who have has been work on what and cost associated with that log.

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