Possible to see which view in form question in scripting for automation?

Hi there -

Is it possible to determine which view in a form is being used to help determine what happens in an automation? For instance, my form is choosing items from a drop down list that is pre-sorted in a view. I want to run an automation based on that pre-sort. Is that possible?

More clarity is required to answer this.

Are you saying you want to simply detect the view dependency based on the existence of a field with a presorted option list? Or, are you saying you also need to know the elements of the list itself?

If the former, you could set a hidden field to identity the form’s view; in the later case (which I think you are intimating), you need to enumerate the presorted view items in the action script as some sort of post-submission process to enhance the data submitted?

Hi Bill - I am wondering if there is a way, when submitting a form, to have the submission include either the title of the form, and/or the sort when it says ‘Limit record selection to a view’


@Bill.French - Any suggestions?

Every form should ideally have an indicator of form source if – and only if – there is more than one form. This is almost always the case and Airtable designers should have considered this, but apparently, it’s not possible unless you use a different forms system.

Unfortunately, there’s not even a way to know which view a form entry might have been related to. The only workaround for this is to extrapolate the likely source of entries. For example, a post-processing script that examines the data and concludes it’s origin. If the form were restricted to records in a specific view, one could imaging a process that confirms the selection was only possible by virtue of the view state. But even this would not be reliable - I can imaging many cases that would pull the rug out from this approach.

Thanks. Would suggest this as a feature.