Possible to sum up numbers that has the same data in common


Im trying to make a allocation tool to allocate the amount of garments I need to make to make sure Im planning right and to make sure I don’t overbook and take work I can’t finish on time.

I’m logging all my work in table 1
Name of Garment, time to complete a garment, amount of garments to complete

In table 2
I have a linked field where I link to garment in table 1 which rolls up amounts of garments to complete and the time to complete one garment. Then I have a number field which specifies how many garments I can allocate to a certain week and a date field that allocates to the week.
I can then in theory break up a garment order over different weeks. Is there a way to sum up the number field like when grouping by ‘garment name’ but in a formular which I can use in other fields?