Possible to summarise worked hours in a pivot table?

I don’t know if this is possible, as I tried everything and I can’t come up with any solution.

I have a table where I want to compare staff worked hours against ‘expected’ worked hours.
I have two tables A and B
A has the staff names and the weekly expected working hours for each staff.
B logs the staff hours.

Is it possible to summarise the weekly worked hours in a pivot table but where the weekly expected hours has been subtracted to see if staff is working more or less as expected?

As the data is in two tables, it is impossible to compare that data without some kind of Link.

Personally, I would create a table called Days (if you are tracking single days) or Weeks etc., and then link from the Day to table A (relevant records), and also to table B.

Now your new table is pulling a rollup Sum(values) of the Estimate and the Actuals, you can probably fill in the rest (new column, calculate difference, plot as chart…)

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