Post Approvals?

I tried to post something this morning, and for the first time I got a message saying that the post had to be approved. It’s been hours and still nothing… is this a new feature?

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I’ve recently been getting posts and replies held semi-frequently, and I’d assumed it meant Discourse had tightened their ‘fighting words’ filter, as the ones held usually contained a self-deprecating remark or some other tongue-in-cheek phrasing that might trigger a hold for a filter set sufficiently near the ‘Miss Grundy’ end of the spectrum. However, I just had what I recall as having been a totally innocuous reply held, so perhaps it’s something else. At one point @Katherine_Duh was looking into a similar hiccup, but I’m not sure what she found.

That Discourse simply holds the reply without giving one a chance to review or edit it is annoying, though.

Edit: Wait: In the recently held reply, I think I said something about having ‘taken the low road,’ referring to my having based a solution on a brute-force IF() statement rather than some sort of mathematical wizardry; perhaps that was considered not-quire innocuous…

Edit 2: If so, it’s evidently considered appropriate language for the ‘Meta’ forum. :wink:

Edit 3: While I’m on the topic of annoying things, Discourse seemingly has decided not to allow users to compare edited posts with the original versions…

Edit 4: Aaaannnnnd to complete this little conversation with myself, the held reply just appeared, so either Discourse managed to self-moderate it, or someone’s working late at Airtable…


Hi @W_Vann_Hall

Your too funny!:grinning:

But, on a more serious note, it’s making me wonder if I inadvertently included a word or phrase in a post, that was “held back”. It makes you wonder.


Hey y’all! Yes, there is a new way to watch words that allows post containing them to go directly into an approval queue instead of getting posted and then needing to be flagged, edited, and deleted. Essentially it’s optional but we turned it on just to save time. This includes everything forbidden in the Guidelines, so it can lead to false positives that we just approve when we see them.

Yeah, I know a lot goes on beneath the hood that we never see. (During my visit to Airtable last year, someone mentioned in passing how much SPAM and nonsense posting they had to clear daily; I was dumbfounded.) Most of the time, I realize — in retrospect — which one of my jokes Discourse didn’t get, but occasionally something will get held for reasons I can’t discern. Fortunately, content filters have improve greatly since the days when including the phrase “an alternative” would get you held for moderation. :wink:

Thanks for the info, @Danielle and @W_Vann_Hall!

I totally understand the need for filtering and stopping SPAM and whatnot. I do feel the need to express a tiny bit of annoyance when a post is held for over 48 hours, though (I posted on Saturday AM, and did not get cleared until around 9AM EST on Monday).

The community forum is an amazing resource that I use often, and to have to wait two full days to get the help I’m looking for is not fun :frowning:

That being said, you guys are still the best. Thanks for all you do!

Is it because I’m talking about Airtable’s business practices and pricing scheme??

Posting here again just because I’m not sure how diligently post approvals are watched, and last time I posted here my post was approved relatively quickly…

Seems like @Jeremy_Oglesby is on to something. Discussing Airtable business seems to be blocked.

After taking the snapshot of my response for the purpose of posting here, I went back and answered the guy with a shorter answer and my post went through so it’s something to do with key words that I used while explaining things in detail. That made me wonder, how many others have already answered the guy but are in the same status as my answer :woozy_face: While I completely understand the why, I see it as an overkill and a time waster. How much is this saving the company?

Have 2 innocuous posts pending approval. I worked really hard on these posts and would love not to see my work go to waste.

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