POST request issue

Hello, I am trying to send some lines of text through the JSON body of my POST request using Airtable API. I want to add that information in one of the Long text field inside my table. In case of normal characters it works fine but I observed that whenever my text contains double quotes or new lines, the API call gives error with HTTP status code as 422. I did a bit of research and found that I need to escape those with a backslash for eg. new line as \n and " as \" so that my request body is json compatible. However as my text could contain any characters that we can type, I am unaware of how many different characters I will need to escape to parse my request body successfully. I am currently thinking of some function that can help me escape my input text. I am vba developer but my knowledge about working with JSON and APIs is limited so any help about what characters need to be escaped and best way to make it possible will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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