Postponing blocks madness

Hi everyone,

With all that is happening around the world with COVID-19, we have a renewed focus on empowering our users to help their communities during this pandemic.

We’re postponing Blocks Madness, and instead will be highlighting ways in which people and organizations are looking out for their communities’ wellbeing. To start, we’re sharing the work of Chris Dancy, who made a base to organize their neighborhood in Houston to share resources, skills, equipment, and more.

We’d love to hear from you – how are you looking out for those around you during this time? Post your story here with the community, along with the bases, blocks, and scripts that you’re using. When you share on social media, tag @ Airtable to help people find your post.

Our team at Airtable is always inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of our community, and this time is no exception. Stay safe!

Thank you,

The Airtable Team