PowerPoint Presentation Replacement?


I’d like to use Airtable to save time creating PowerPoint slides that I currently use to present status updates in weekly meetings. I was hoping to do this with the Page Designer Block, but it looks like each instance is limited to just one page and I need the layout for each slide to be slightly different. For example I want my deck format to be similar to this:

Slide 1 - P1 features status
Slide 2 - P2 features status
Slide 3 - P3 features status

Is there a way to do this or combine the views of multiple blocks into a PDF?

If not I’d love to see this feature added to Airtable. My team is new to Airtable and the thought of saving time from updating records in multiple locations makes us giddy.


Did you ever receive any feedback on the question that you asked? I am planning a presentation over how I have used Airtable to improve program efficiency and I would also like to create my presentation within Airtable. Since I am presenting on the Airtable program and all of the many ways that it can be used, it would be really captivating if my entire presentation was “housed” within the online program. I am really eager to hear if you’ve learned or figured out a way to make this possible. Thanks!


No, unfortunately we did not find a way make this work within Airtable. Airtable has the Page Designer block, but I found it extremly limiting and frustrating to manipulate.

I’m still spending time in both Airtable and PowerPoint for my regular updates.


Thank you! I agree. I tried to make it work as well, but I found that I was having to manipulate everything. I am also utilizing PowerPoint for my presentation.


One could always use Dropbox Paper. It has a presentation mode and paper allows you to embed views to your document.