Pre-fill information in a form / autopopulate

My organization is looking at using Airtable for our yearly enrollment process. Every year, members renew, and some new ones join. We would love it if renewing members could put in their business name into a form view, and their information from last year would auto-populate, and they only had to review information (rather than enter it all over again).

Can this please be done with Airtable? If Airtable doesn’t do this in the program itself, what third-party programs can I link to Airtable to make this happen?

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Unfortunatly you can’t fill forms after the form is already opened.
As a solution I would suggest:
You can prefill forms including the fields in the URL. For example:,
where Name and Notes are fields in Airtable.
So, if you have a base is Airtable, you could create a formula field where the URL is generated.
Then, if you have their emails, email them this url. When they open the form, the fields will be prefilled.
I would do the form in another table that would be automatically linked to the original, as a form submition creates a new row, not updates the current.
For new members just a simple form.
P.S. the emails can be also automatically sent to members using Integromat.