Pre filling forms with Kuovonne’s excellent app!


Must say that the pre fill form app that @kuovonne wrote is extremely useful. Thanks for taking the time to write it!!

Quick question though. Some of my text fields are VERY long with formatting etc. is that still going to work when being sent via a query string? Seems to so far but I would hate it to break.

In general, the maximum length of a url is a little over 2,000 characters. Different browsers can implement slightly different limits. If the total length of the resulting url is close to 2,000 characters, you might have a problem. If it is well under, you should be okay. If I recall correctly, there used to be issues with trying to prefill rich text fields, but that may have changed (it’s not something the app controls).

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Thanks @kuovonne

Much appreciate your reply!

I must admit, I thought there was a way of pre-filling the form by passing a recordID through the URL (of a record from the same table which has the values you want to pre-fill) . I’m sure I saw one of @Gareth_Pronovost excellent videos describing how to do that. But I can’t find the video now and couldn’t get that to work anyway!

You can prefill a linked record field by passing the record id of the record to link, instead of the primary field value. You can get the record ID of a record using the formula RECORD_ID(). However, I recommend limiting this to only internal forms. If you use this technique in an externally facing form, you risk exposing all the the other records in your table to the public.

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