Pre-Load Form Option to Multi-Select People and then Automate Email

Not sure how to search for this so if it is out there already please point me in the direction…

I am wanting to use a synced database that gets updated with a list of People’s Names and their email information (I can figure this out). I then want to have an option on our form that allows the person submitting to choose in the list multiple people that is populated from the synced database that is updated with current names and emails.

I then want to create an automated Submitted email that would go to everyone who was selected on the form to receive the communication it was submitted. And then one more automation once the Status is changed to Completed that goes again to the same people that were selected to receive the communication.

Is this possible?

Even if I can start with getting a drop down to populate based on a Column from another table. Is this possible?

Hey there @Aaron_Reynolds_BHS,

This is possible with On2Air Forms. It allows you to customize your drop-down to specific filters. You can also prefill the form with data and create URLs that are specific to whoever is completing the form.

Here’s an example

I’ll check that out, thanks!

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