Prefill a hidden form field

I’m using forms for user research and I would like to segment answers from different customer groups, similar to how survey monkey allows you to create different links to the same survey and segment answers accordingly. In this case I want to create I want to create different forms with the same questions, but which have a hidden pre-filled field called “Origin”, prefilled with values like “Facebook”, “Internal” or “Newsletter”, so I can backtrack what kinds of answers come from which channel.

Being able to prefill fields that are hidden from the form would allow me do do this inside of Airtable rather than go to a more complicated tool like Survey Monkey.



Is this the sort of prefilling functionality you’re looking for?

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The link @Zollie provided explains prefilling, but that only works with fields that are visible in the form. Prefilling does not work if the field is not shown in the form. Hence this product suggestion.


I second this product suggestion. Being able to prefill fields not visible on forms would allow me to set a record field to ‘requested’ and perform different actions on records containing that value.


You’ve hit the nail on the head.

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I agree, this is definitely needed. There are a variety of survey tools out there one I use that can accomplish this is Cognito Forms. I would say its pretty straight forward, but I’ve never used Survey Monkey so maybe its about the same in terms of how complicated.

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This feature would open up a ton of applications and use cases. Would love to see it.

I love to see this function too!

We really need this feature as well.

This feature would be AWESOME !!!

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This feature would be really useful to me too.

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This has been my top needed Airtable feature recently.

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This would be very useful for me as well.

We’ve added support for prefilling hidden fields in the miniExtensions form. It has full support for all Airtable field types, and much more!

Agree, this is something 100% needed and I guess not so hard to implement

We NEEEEED this pleeease

Adding my voice to this feature suggestion - the inability to prefill a hidden field is the primary thing that would prevent us from being able to use AirTable over SurveyMonkey for a number of use cases.

This is sorely needed, especially to maximize automations.

Yup, another request for this as well, please. Would be super handy.

Use-case: updating existing data in a table where not all of the fields are displayed to the end user.

This feature is badly needed