Prefill a hidden form field

Top feature that is SO needed to leverage forms!!!

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+1 I join the others, this feature needs to be prioritized ! Thank you !

It’s a really missing functionality…
Please update :pray:

Really need this, how can we push this up to the developers @Airtable_IT ?

Would be very helpful for sign up forms, in which a person can be marked as “incoming”
I currently hack this through an update automation

I spent an hour trying to configure a hidden prefilled form before realising that hidden fields are truly hidden. Had to switch to Jotform but I’d love it if Airtable is able to allow some fields to be hidden ‘within’ a form instead of being completely absent from a form.

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Amazing this basic feature is not available yet… adding an expensive subscription to miniExtensions app just for that does not make sense
Our contacts records come from a multitude of different forms and we NEED to have the ability to classify them by origin

@Airtable_IT team: can you at least share if it is on your roadmap, so we can make plans?


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Also need this feature!

This feature is sorely needed.