Prefill checkbox field

I’m having trouble prefill-ing a “checkbox” field.

I’ve followed the guide on the support forum (I’m not allowed to link it here for some reason)

and everything works, except for my checkbox field. I’ve tried “1” “true” “checked” (which is stored in the table/grid view tied to this form). None of these work. What is the proper value to pass in URL parameter to have this field “checked” on load?

Hi @Mark_Pippin

I did a quick search and I managed to find some information about prefilling in forms, I don’t know if you saw this:

Hope it helps!


I did see that, but the forum wouldn’t let me link it.

Following that has me successfully pre-filling all values except the elusive checkbox field I mentioned.

Yes, it’s possible. Set the checkbox value to equal 1, like below:



Laura -

Does a variation of that exist for, say, ratings as well?

I wasn’t familiar with the “Rating” type of input, but I just tried it out and yes, you can use numerical values to prefill the number of stars award, etc. Same syntax:



Thanks Laura,

I’m not sure what I was doing wrong when I posted this question, and would have swore I tried the provided, but I guess I didn’t (or code silently changed since?)

Anyway, your answer is working perfectly for me today. Now I can prefill that checkbox and stop clicking it manually. (It was such a minor inconvenience I put the issue on the back burner)

Thanks again.