Prefill form to multiple linked records

Hi guys,
I’ve been playing with the prefill form function that I’ve just discovered and am loving it! But I’ve hit a snag.
Im trying to prefill a form to link with multiple linked fields.
For example customer A has requested products A and B via a form. (products A and B are linked fields).
I then create a new prefilled form to send to purchasing with Prefilled sections on customer A, however I cannot figure out how to link to multiple products. I can only get Product A to prefill.

Heres the urls I’ve tried:

Any ideas on how I can do this?

Hi there!

The following worked for me (you’ll want to replace “SharedViewID” with your own ID):,Product%20B

Hope that helps!

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that worked, just need to figure out the formulas as I was using a substitute " ", “” to get that result. Might have to change my source to product codes instead of names

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You’re very welcome! Happy to help further if need be :slight_smile: