Prefill linked record in form by record ID


I am very glad Airtable has added options to the possibilities for prefilling forms, especially the ability to prefill linked records. However, it seems this functionality expects the record index string as the prefill query parameter. I’m happy to have someone point me to the right way to do this if I am mistaken, but if I am not, I would find it very useful to link records by record ID. This would make scenarios like this possible:

  1. enter the One part in a One to Many data relationship in a first form;
  2. redirect the first form to{record_id} on success;
  3. enter one Many part correctly linked to its One.

Our exact usage scenario is to allow students to request resources for a project, with the ability to add the project to our DB first if it does not exist yet. Having that newly created project linked straightaway to the requested resources in the form would take away a lot of friction.