Prefill today's date in form

Saw the URL structure for prefilling a form (airtable[dot]com/1234?prefill_Name=Jane for example), but I’m trying to prefill a form with today’s date in one of the date fields.

I tried ?prefill_Date=TODAY() and ?prefill_Date=Now() but appears after some experimentation that URL passes the text straight through rather than using the named formula.

Is there any way to get a date field on a form to pre-fill / default to today’s date??

If your link is generated by a formula within your base, you could achieve this like this:

"" & TODAY()

Alternatively, you could use the Created Time field type if you’re just trying to track when a record was submitted. I don’t believe it shows up on the actual form, but you can see it in the grid view.


Unfortunately neither of those cases quite fit.

The date needs to be entered - 95% of time it will be today’s date, but the person submitting needs to be able to adjust it.

And I want the form link to be bookmarked by users …clicking the link should bring up the form with today’s date as default…

Any other thoughts?

Hmm… I can only really think of a few things, but none are perfect and two assume that you have some sort of website for your users; or just a landing page.

Rather than having them bookmark the link itself, you could have them bookmark a shared view with just the link to the form.

Or, if you do have a site to embed it on, you could embed that view with the link to click.

Lastly, similar to the post linked below, if you do have a website and can edit the source code, you may be able to embed it into the URL there.

Wish I could help more! If you do get it figured out, definitely let me know.