Prefilled Form In Airtable Works - When Emailed Through Automation - Results in Different Link

Hi There. I’d appreciate getting my Emailed Prefilled Airtable Forms Link to sync up with my AirTable Data.

I have 4 Fields being prefilled into an Airtable Form.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Mobile Phone #

I wrote a formula (with the help of the amazing Airtable Community) to pre-populate filled fields into an Airtable form. The link for the form with the pre-populated section works perfectly in my AirTable Base.

The problem arises when I use Airtable Automation to email the link. The emailed link is different from the link that was created in the Airtable Base.

I’d appreciate any help to get the emailed link to match the formulaic link shown in my Airtable.

Thank you.

Result in AirTable:

Result when Emailed:

The difference in the links is the ‘prefill_’ (From Airtable) vs ‘prefill’ (Email)

Thank you!

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Thank you! That solution worked like a charm.

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