Prefilling a link field

I’ve searched various threads for this answer and I’m still not sure if this is possible or not. I have Table 1 (let’s say) that has a formula field which constructs a url from another field and the record id. It looks like this


With an automation I email this url (a form in another table - let’s sayTable 2) to potential respondents. Table 2 also has a field called “BD Link” which references Table 1.

When a respondent submits the form, “BD Link” is never populated. Can someone point out what I’m doing incorrectly? Thanks!

Is your “BD Link” field showing on the form? It needs to be visible.

For more help creating your prefill link, I would highly recommend using this app from @kuovonne:


Thanks Scott! I wondered if that was it. Such an annoying design decision, imho.

Hmm…now how do I make it invisibly visible :slight_smile:

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Ha, you can’t. It’s one of the many flaws of Airtable. I would suggest writing and ask them to support hidden fields on forms, but they don’t typically listen to customer requests.

Your only real option would be to use an external form service like or JotForm. You could also combine JotForm with the power of On2Air Forms for dynamic Airtable integration.

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