Premature Automation!?!

Help! I have an automation set up that when a new record is created in one table, to create a list of ‘to-do’ items in another table. Both tasks are related by their matching ID’s.

(It’s a monster of an automation, so I had to shrink it to fit! lol)

The problem is that when a new record appears in the 1st table it ‘fires’ the automation, right? But most of the time it is ‘firing’ so fast that it misses the ID number in the 2nd table and JUST lists all of the ‘tasks’.

What am I doing wrong here???



Except for a few situations, when a record is created, all of its editable fields are blank.

It sounds like you need a delay the triggering of automation. I suggest looking a the “when record meets conditions”. You have a special check box that the users checks when data entry is complete. Or you can set the condition that all input fields are filled out.

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PERFECT! TY!!! You (once again) saved my life! (and I’m NOT being over dramatic. :rofl:)


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