Prevent creation of blank records in a table

Yeah this owuld be nice to fix, annoying having to clean house all the time.

Same frustration here ! Please do something…

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Just want to add our name to this list - we are about to move a large system into Airtable and I can already see the autonumbering of blank records being a problem! Please add some way to disable creating records through the Grid View click, or ability to limit only certain users from creating records in a table. In the table we’re working with, we only want the API to create new records.

Me too. In my case, empty records break the R package that I use to import data via the API.

Also - if you ‘Undo’ the action, you can’t see proof that you deleted it because you couldn’t see it in the first place. Usability nightmare!

It seems that Grouping by a Computed Field prevents to add any new record.
An unpleasant solution could be to group all records on one unused computed field.

Downside : You cannot add new record from this Grid view anymore.

We created a tool that can help automate the process of deleting blank records. It doesn’t solve the autonumbering issue though.

Automatically Delete Records in Airtable View

Oh man, I would love to be able to add friction/restrict row creation to overt intentful actions like clicking a button. It’s so easy to pollute the view and the UI spazzes out because it’s trying to sort against the multiple prioritization rules I have in place. +1-ing this like crazy!