Prevent duplicate entries based on the primary column

It seems the need for Airtable to have a system to prompt the user if a duplicate entry has been submitted would be a main requirement for users, particularly those using forms. For example, a user registration form, ensuring only a unique email had been used. I would imagine it would either be based on the primary column or even better, the option to tell Airtable which columns should not allow duplicate entries.

At the moment I have to pay miniextensions over $400 a year just to have this function - a great product, but something I feel Airtable should include as standard. After-all, why should I have to use such plugins to achieve what I would deem basic requirements of a database type system like Airtable? :slight_smile:

Sadly, I doubt that Airtable will add this functionality into their forms. I’ve yet to see Airtable add any customer-requested features into the product, and they have also shown little desire to go back & improve existing features that are already built into the product.

Paying MIniExtensions for just this one feature is expensive. However, if you have less than 100 form submissions per month, you can get this feature for free with JotForm, and then send your submissions into Airtable afterwards:

Thanks Scott. Yes, I’ve noticed Airtable are not that forthcoming with timely iteration/improvement of the platform in terms of obvious requirements. :frowning: