Prevent Duplicates


Is there a way to prevent duplicate entries in a particular column?
Thank you!


There is not a way to “prevent” them, but there are various ways to “catch” them once they are created - does that interest you?

The reason you cannot “prevent” them is because there is no real mechanism of “data constraint” in Airtable, other than the “type” of data that can be put in certain fields (only numbers can be entered in a "number field, only dates can be entered in a “date” field, etc).


Catching them would be helpful, yes. Thank you!


Read through this thread, but in particular the post linked to:

Here’s another that I’m pretty sure links to the same demo:

Those are some heavy weight solutions, but a simple solution is to “GROUP” your view by the field (column) you want to be unique - if any two records end up in a group together, you have an indicator that it’s a duplicate.

Lastly, there is hope ahead!! Airtable has a block in beta testing right now called the Dedupe block that should make all of this much easier for the user in the coming months:


Hi Jeremy_Oglesby

Out of curiosity, how do you group views together in a unique field? My key Field is: “SCOTT#”.

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You can use the “Group” option in the menu bar:

You pick which field to group by there. Once records are grouped, if they are unique in the field you selected, there will only be ONE record in the group. If there are more than one in a group, then you know you have duplicate data in the field selected.