Preventing accidental record deletion

Hi! Five users are working with thousands of records in a table, and sometimes records accidentally get deleted. Is there any way to prevent record deletion per user, but still allow editing on the records? (except the primary field name)?

I don’t think so, but you have Undo and Screenshots features to save that data.

Hi @Elias_Gomez_Sainz

I believe you meant Snapshot ?

This request is a recurring one I get from clients.
Undo and Snapshot are for sure helpful. But it happens that users delete records without even noticing.

Is anyone aware of a workaround here? Or at least knows a way to create an alert when a record is deleted? That could be an interesting trigger to add to Zapier: “When a record is deleted”


Hi Dina,

At the moment, Airtable doesn’t have a user-permission level that permits record-editing but forbids record-deletion. As you’re likely aware, edit-collaborators can change/clear the values in any records on a table. They can also delete records entirely. We’re working on product improvements to better accommodate the need for more granular permissions.

For what it’s worth, I’d note that you can check a base’s trash to see (and restore) any records that have been deleted within the past seven days.

With regard to preventing collaborators from editing a table’s primary field, if you’re on a Pro workspace, you can sign up for our field and table editing permissions beta.

Hope this is a bit helpful!

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