Price / collaborating


Hi there,

so i have a question related to a monthly/yearly payment and how that works with collaborators.

I noticed that I could pay for a Pro subscription for let’s say a month or year - and then from there, invite others to my workspace. How does this work with collaborators if i already payed for a year? If i’m already collaborating on a workspace with somebody and then i want to upgrade to Pro, then i have to pay twice the amount, but i pay before i invite someone I only pay once? That seems a bit odd.

Could someone clarify this for me?

My “problem” is that i do all the setup for a friend of mine. I designed his workflow and he just works with a mobile app to fill the data. But i’m not sure if i have to pay for 2 people each time? i’m not really using it anymore after i do all the setup, just maintaining a bit for some improvements. I like to stay the owner and he the editor so he can’t change important stuff.