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Hello community!
I have streetdance school and this year im doing database with airtable (amazing next to the numbers :grin: ). Id like to put price for each member of my school.

I have collumn with multiple selection (for ex.: streetdance, breakdance, contemporary) and for each course is different payment. Is possilbe to put pricetag for every selection and if i choose any of styles there would be amount of payment.

if streetdance would be $40, breaking $50, contemporary $60
member 1 choose streetdance > automaticaly 50
member 2 choose streetdance + breaking > automaticaly 90
member 3 choose streetdance + contemporary > automaticaly 100

is that possible?
Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Its possible, but you may consider giving the dance styles its own table. That table would have one field for the name (Streedance, Breaking, and Contemporary) and another field for price ($40, $50, $60)

If you convert your existing multiple select field into a link to another record field a new table will be made for you. Then you could use a rollup field to SUM(values) of all the prices for each recordโ€™s selected dance style(s).

If you would still prefer to use a multiple select field, you would need to write a formula like this:

IF(FIND("streetdance", {Multiple Select Field}), 40, 0) + 
IF(FIND("breaking", {Multiple Select Field}), 50, 0) + 
IF(FIND("contemporary", {Multiple Select Field}), 60, 0)
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If you want a discount for multiple selections, it is still possible, but would require a more complex formula.

Thank you so much, this formula works well :star_struck:

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