Pricing and usage limits for sync

Different usage limits for Sync depend on your Airtable plan. See the screenshot below for a quick highlight, or visit for more details.

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How does the pricing work for synced views? Can I sync an unlimited number of views from each table, or does each view sync count towards the limit of 20 under the Pro plan? I’m assuming the former, but just wanted to make sure before I invest time into it. Thanks!

@DavidVM Every base can have a maximum of 20 synced tables coming into the base depending on your workspace plan. That means that you can sync a table to any number of bases, but each specific base can only have up to 20 synced tables in it.

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Thanks for the response Jason. I might be misunderstanding how this works, but I don’t think that answers my question.

What if I have 100 separate views in my base (all within a single table). Each view being set up for a different client.

Would I be able to sync each of those 100 VIEWS out to a separate base with each base being meant to hold the records of 1 view from another base?

I’m thinking of a scenario where I have a main base that contains information for multiple clients. Syncing to a separate base for each of those clients, and then sharing those individual synced bases (which are simply a copy of a particular view from my main base) with each client.

This would allow me to keep one main location for all of my data that is never shared with a client. The client would only be able to access 1 small base containing their information. They would also be able to add fields, edit information, etc., without having access to my main base which contains information regarding other clients.

Hi @Jason, I just thought I would follow up regarding my question above. Is it correct that you can sync an unlimited number of views out of a base into an unlimited number of other bases, provided that no single base has more than 20 other bases syncing into it?

If the second base that you’re syncing to syncs back to your main base (I’m not sure if that’s possible), would that count towards the total syncs coming in to the main base (that is primarily meant for syncing outwards).

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