Pricing when it comes to 3 Paid Teams sharing different Workspaces to Collaborate

Hi! I’ve tried to read on my question since a lot of people also ask about it in the community but I’m still not very clear with the answer, so I will share my specific scenario to be sure. I’m setting up Airtable workspaces for a Company that will have 9 Pro users. By this, I initially assumed it would be $20/year per user. BUT… it got a little confusing with the different shared workspaces. So the 9 users are spread into 3 different departments: 3 users in HR, 3 users in IT, 3 users in Sales. Each team will have their own workspace. But there are some processes where the Sales Team needs to share certain Bases from their workspace to the 3 people in IT Team to complete a process. Does that mean, even though the 3 IT Team are already paid Pro users, there will be an additional $20*3 users for them to have Editor permissions in specific Sales Bases?


Yes, Airtable workspaces are priced per user of the workspace. So if a user needs edit access to two pro workspaces, you have to pay for that user for each workspace. An alternative is to have only one workspace, and share individual bases with each department, rather than sharing the entire workspace. The main restriction is that base-only collaborators would not be able to create new bases. And you need to have a workspace owner with access to all of the bases in all departments.

Thanks for this! I guess I’ll have to stick to 1 workspace for everybody then. I hope Airtable comes up with a different pricing strategy that doesn’t limit the user’s base organization. Thanks again!

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