Primary row height // wrapping text

Is there anyway to change the “row Height” of the primary row? I have a sheet with a bunch of check boxes, but the rows are very wide due to the names (that can no be helped) It makes the checkbox feature seem pretty useless. Anyone know how to change that or be able to “:wrap text” in the primary row?


If you’re speaking of the header, sadly, there is no way to expand it. :sleepy:

Thank you. This has to be the dumbest part of Airtable IMHO. I have a header that is 24 characters for a simple checkbox. sad.


Not sure why this topic isn’t getting the attention it needs.
Once your table has multiple fields, you try to cram widths, especially when content under it lets say is “Yes/No” single select, but your header is longer (even with description).
This, and being able to wrap it… They’re like the 1st thing people do on Excel to cram data…
Putting link to Wrap topic: Create 2 line colmn header (title(

Rest of the rows are adjustable to a degree. Would love to see the adjustable Header row as well.

Please make this happen.


hello just want to bump this request – would be really great to be able to expand the height of the header row. I’m constantly doing battle with my field names to deal with a readability problem that would be instantly solved if I could just make the header row multiple lines

I love airtable, thank you for this awesome tool