Print a small label?


I am trying to consult a business which organizes house sales. Nowadays they do most of it on paper. Go to the house, fotograph the items, stick on a label with a number, which they generate on a spreadsheet, where each line is an item. Sometimes even paste in the foto in the spreadsheet.
I am a filemaker developer but for this client I think Airtable could be better to start with.
No… I understand Airtable but am not very savvy.
My first problem is already… HOW do I print a simple Label? I mean somentihgn wit ID00023 or CLIENTX00023 on it… might even with Barcode?
Do I already have to use the API and use ZAPIER and go into another software suite?


Recently got an email about AirTable’s new “Blocks” features - - specifically the page designer block seems like what you’re after

I haven’t actually tried the above, but if it doesn’t suit your needs I’ve also found that AirTable’s API is super easy to work with - if you’re a web developer and know a bit about Node + Express, it’s not too difficult to build a node app that rings up Airtable and displays records as styled, structured HTML that can then be printed from the browser (you can even render to PDF on the server eg with the html-to-pdf package from npm, which opens up other possibilities)


Hello, I’ve had some success creating an inventory tracking program using the AirTable API, QR Codes, and MS Access for a desktop application, which is used primarily as a platform to print labels.

In my use-case scenario, I generated multiple “empty” labels in advance, and then when I applied them to an item, I would scan the code, and then enter the information for the item such as make, model, brand, purchase date, etc.