Print Grid View without Header Row

Is it possible to print the Grid view with the header row just on the first page instead of on every page? Takes up a lot of space having it on every page. Probably there’s a command to do that but can’t seem to find one.

If you’re seeing a header, that’s a feature of your web browser, not Airtable. Airtable’s native printing does not include headers.

You can get rid of the headers by printing via Safari … I can’t get rid of them using Chrome

Thanks. You’re right. I had stopped printing from Safari because of other complications, but it works. Would seem like it’d be a simple checkbox to print with or without that row.
Justin: I might not have been clear. I meant Airtable header E.g., “date” “category” “topic” “keyword” not the browser header.

Oh, you mean the field headers. I’m not aware of an option to control how those appear in a printed grid. Sorry.