Printing address labels


I run a small non-profit and we use Airtable to track all of our donors/volunteers/etc. I want to do address labels for a mailing. We currently have the columns set up as First Name, Spouse Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip.

  1. Is there an easy way to print labels from Airtable?
  2. If the best way is to export, then how do I get around that my columns are too specific (ie I need First, Spouse, Last name to be one line, and City, State, Zip to be one line).



I think the best way is the Page Designer block, but you need a Pro account to use the blocks. You have discounts for nonprofits:


I have the same question.


So you have the same answer.


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Your line was, “Were you able to solve the problem?”


We’re you able to solve the problem?

@Elias_Gomez_Sainz didn’t link to the info on the Page Designer Block, which is here:

I’d say using the “business card” page size is your best bet, and as long as each record (row) has each piece of info that you need to be on the label, you can design the label once and then apply it to all records. And I’m pretty sure they have a “print all records” option too.

So the Page Designer Block really is the best tool for this in Airtable.


I don’t like to overwhelm the user with too many information, I prefer to point the user in the right track. If s/he likes the clue I left, it’s pretty easy to find the link or the information needed, even asking again :wink: I don’t like neither to give “all done” to the user, they have to understand and work their part.

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I’m risking wrath here but I am also trying to print labels and did install the block to try and do it.

Unfortunately the custom size option only allows you to create a size in pixels, not mm which I would need for my labels sheet (Avery standard type). Am I missing something?



I’m having same issue, and I’ve wasted enough time trying to figure it out in Airtable so I’m downloading as CSV into excel and doing a merge into Word like I would any other mailing list. I love love love Airtable but Page Designer needs serious upgrades. It’s too basic at this point. Looking forward to seeing how Page Designer will change over time.


Can’t you do this?


Great idea, but unfortunately this doesn’t work with Avery labels, as the margins around each label are not uniform, and you can’t control the individual margins when outputting to print in Airtable.


Unfortunately, the only way to get labels from contact data in Airtable is to export a CSV and then load into mail merge (I use the Avery Chrome extension with Google Docs).

One thing I’ve done to handle the issue of mailing to contacts with spouses or significant others, where you would want to address both parties on the label while also avoiding sending two mailpieces to a single household, is this:

  • Create a formula field named “Mail Greeting”
  • Designate one of the contacts as the primary contact by way of a checkbox field
  • Created a linked record field to link each contact to a spouse/significant other, if applicable

The formula for the Mail Greeting field is used to input either a single person’s name, for households where you are addressing just one contact, or both the primary contact and the spouse’s/SO’s name.

Here’s the formula I use:

IF({Spouse / SO} = BLANK(), {Name}, IF(AND({Spouse / SO} != BLANK(), {Primary Contact} = TRUE()), {Name} & " & " & {Spouse / SO}, BLANK()))

For two contact households, the output would be, e.g., John Smith & Jess Smith.