Printing Calendars

Hi community! Our team of 3 ins new to Airtable and we’re struggling with a few things. For example, how do I print/pdf a calendar week so that it’s scaled down to one page? The settings seem to indicate that this should happen, but when either printing or exporting as PDF the calendar is not scaled.

Thanks for any hints as to how to solve this!


Hi @Andri_Probst,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to print / export to PDF a week view in the Gantt Chart block that shows only a specific week?

When exporting the Gantt chart, it will export the full chart. The fact that you are zooming in on a specific week will not change that.

A simple workaround would be creating a new View in the Table. This View is to have a filter on the start date and end date (based on what week you are looking for). Then in the Gantt Chart, chose this view instead of Grid View. The chart will then display only this week and you can then export it and print it as required.

Is that what you are looking for?


Hi Mo,

thanks for your reply. It’s called Calendar View, which is not the same in Airtable if I understand it correctly? I have the Week View selected and would just like to export this particular view, with the day time from 00.00AM to 11.59PM. However if I do this, it will only export up to 8PM or thereabout. Is there a way to change that?

Tobias (signing in from Andri’s computer)

Hi Tobias,

Im confused. You are talking about this Calendar View ? Please see below guide.

As far as I know, this calendar view does not have an exporting to PDF or printing option, therefore my confusion.

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