Printing Error Message

Often when I try to print in the grid view I get “This webpage is trying to print. Do you want to print this webpage?” If I hit yes, nothing happens. Other times I get the usual preview. Why is that?

Welcome to the community, David! :smiley: My gut says that’s an issue with your browser. I don’t believe that it’s something specifically to do with Airtable. Regarding why you don’t see anything sometimes, it could be that the browser is opening a dialog, but it’s somehow appearing behind the main window instead of in front of it. Just a wild guess. At any rate, I suggest getting someone tech-savvy to sit down with you and look at the problem directly.

Thanks Justin. Good gut feeling! Shoulda tried that. It’s fine on Firefox and Chrome, just not on Safari. At least yesterday it wasn’t. Will let you know if it crops up again. Thanks.