Printing from airtable to a rolled label printer

I have used the block “Page Designer” to create a 3x5 label which I would like to then print to a rolled label printer one at a time or as needed. We will affix these labels to the front of our job folders for internal use. Has anyone used a Rollo Label Printer – Commercial Grade Direct Thermal High Speed Printer or something comparable to accomplish this? It appears this type printer is used mainly for shipping purposes, and I am worried airtable will not communicate well with it for printing purposes. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the community, Travis! :slight_smile: Applications don’t communicate directly with printers. Everything gets routed through a printer driver. As long as you can specify the page size when you print, you should be good. (NOTE: This is 100% theory, as I don’t have your specific printer or access to Airtable blocks. However, it should work if you force the page size to match your label.)

No Justin it does not work. I have tried and tried and for some reason when I print from airtable to my demo printer it adds a half inch white space all the way around my label. I have tried to add the white space to my design, I have tried to use a smaller label size I have tried to use a bigger label size, but wherever the text starts it overlaps it with a half inch white space so my label does not print correctly. I have tried so many times I cannot get it to work.

I went ahead and bought the printer based on Justin’s response. When it arrives I will let you know what experience I have with it. If it works, it will be a great tool. Fingers crossed!

Rollo label printer arrived finally. It is working like a charm using the page designer block and printing to it from a laptop using windows 10. Very impressed with the results. This will be a huge tool for us going forward.

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Glad to hear it! Perhaps you can share some tips with @Tracy_Robinson. Not sure what printer he/she has, but maybe something you did in your setup will help.

I am not sure I am solving the other gentleman’s problem. We are using a 4“ x 6“ label but telling the printer we are using a 3 x 5 index card. There is enough for our purposes.

I have a mac and a Dymo printer.

Hi @Tracy_Robinson

There are a few suggestions that I have:

  1. It could have to do with margin sizes with your browser print options. It may sound strange, but, you should take a look at that. The margins should be 0”, depending on the browser used. I realize that you are using Page Designer, but it doesn’t hurt to check the browser print settings.

  2. I did a quick search online and it seems that other users are having similar issues, so that might be one place to check.

  3. I managed to find a link on how to setup a Dymo Label Printer on a Mac. At the beginning of this article, they have links on how to setup the label printer, depending on the browser.

Here is the link:

If all else fails, try calling Dymo and see if they can help you.

Hope these suggestions can help.

Mary K

Thanks for the info. It’s not the Mac OS. I use the demo label printer all the time in other software. It might be the browser margins bc my printer margins are set to 0. I will check.

I checked out the safari print preferences there is absolutely not way to set print margins. It goes by the print driver. So I guess I can’t do it to the Demo.

Hi @Tracy_Robinson

How about this link? It gives instructions on how to do boarderless printing in the print driver for a Mac:


None of that works. The page size that I want to print is 2.125 x 4 inches. There is no borderless printing option available on the print driver for a Dymo printer. I also have an HP printer. It overlords my mac even when the default printer is Dymo. This is the cause of my frustration. HP laser color printer cannot do borderless. It is not an option and when the print setting window comes up you cannot access it. I have found a way around it. I download my table the way I want it and use a merge file in Word to create my labels. Then it prints to the Dymo printer in the setup I have with he borders I have without cutting it off. This also allows me to not pay for page designer block.

Hi @Tracy_Robinson

I am glad that you were able to resolve your issue, eventhough it ended up taking a workaround approach to get the outcome you wanted.