Printing from Page Designer Block has changed?!


Until recently we had a very slick system for printing out a number of daily itineraries from a series of Page Designer Blocks. We have designed a custom layout for each page such that you can get four records onto a single page in portrait view. The last used print settings would be remembered each day, so all that would be required is to press print and the itineraries would be printed.

However, in the last few days, this functionality has changed. Now, despite the print dialogue showing the correct settings, when you press print, a single record is shown per page with the page in landscape. This is contrary to what the settings of the dialogue actually show when you press print.

However, we’ve found that this can be resolved by clicking Landscape and then re-clicking Portrait.

The same is also true of the Record Layout option, where “In a list” will be selected, but only one record per page comes out in the preview. Again, you can click another option and then go back to “In a list”, and it will do it correctly, except that in one of our blocks, this doesn’t work and we still get one per page, despite the re-selection.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing’s changed at our end, and a few days ago this worked seamlessly. I would be grateful for a response as to what might have changed and a resolution please.

Many thanks,


Hi Annette,

Could you please email with screenshots of the page designer print dialog and your browser’s print dialog so we can investigate further?


We were also experiencing a similar issue, where Grid layout was no longer working despite no change to the base. I ended up fudging around with the page designer print settings a bunch and it magically started printing grid again.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The bug has been fixed.


Thanks, it does work now! Appreciate all your help.