Printing gantt to pdf


Any possibility to print the gantt block to pdf ?



I am bumping this request.
Right now I have to minimize my screen to 20% and take a screenshot in order to present the gantt block to stakeholders, and even doing that I lose information in the chart. Without the ability to share the visual of the gantt chart I don’t have a reason to use this block.


I’m with you all the way. Screen shots for large complex Gantt charts don’t have the resolution required. The ability to print multiple pages in larger format would be good too.


Would be helpful to be able to print the Gantt to PDF for submit in proposal.


I agree, print to PDF option please!

Please make it easier to print the Gantt block!

Hi, waiting for some solution wrt printing a Gantt Chart or at least options to export it to PDF/JPEG so that it could be presented separately.

The Gantt block is incredibly difficult to print. Are there plans to make this easier?


Is it possible to print or download Gantt Block? I really need that function or else it’s not terribly useful

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Anyone have a good way to export/print Gannt charts?

So far my best effort has been to take screenshots and align them in a different tool.

Is it possible to export a gantt chart in pdf format or alternatively share the link with someone not from my team?


Welcome to the community, Michelle! :smiley: Most systems allow for “printing” to a PDF file; i.e. using a setting in the print dialog to output to a PDF file instead of kicking off an actual print. You might check the print options for your system to see if this is possible. Are you on a Windows or Mac computer?

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Hi everyone! Quick update—in addition to adding a new 5 year date range option for the horizontal axis, we’ve just added the ability to export a PDF from the Gantt block. Once you’ve exported the PDF, you can share the file with whomever you’d like or print it. It’s pretty simple—you should now see an Export PDF button in your Gantt block in the top right corner of the chart. (If you don’t see the button, try reloading the block.)

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Awesome! What is the eta for scaling this feature to other Blocks and entire dashboards?? I’ve grown tired of taking countless screenshots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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