Printing Membership Cards

I haven’t used blocks yet, but am wondering if this is going to be possible.
What I want to do:

Format a membership card
Print the cards without having to download and print every single card (200+ members)
The final product would look like about 10 membership cards to a letter-sized page that could then be printed and cut, or printed on business card paper.

Is there a way I can do this with the Page formatting block, or do i really need to run this as a merge outside AirTable?

Thanks for all help.

Should be able to, you can format the page type for business card size.

Okay, that makes sense to me.
But can I stack them 10 to a page, or do I wind up with 200+ individual business-card-sized documents?

I guess my question is, can i use the tool to stack up multiple records on a page?


Looks like 1 card per record.

Hi @President_ART_Club - there is a way to do this - you’ll have to play around with the sizes to get what you want, but the method to use is:

  1. In the page designer settings, choose size = Business Card (or “custom” if you want something smaller)

  1. Then, in the print settings, choose record layout = In a grid

I’ve added some padding settings. You should get something like this:

i.e. X per page depending upon the size you have chosen.


Hey, this looks great! Thank you so much!