Printing Multiple Records on one page


OK - I know this exact question was asked in the below post, but it was locked and marked as merged into another post, but that post really didn’t solve the issue initially posed in this post:

My question is exactly the same as this post - I want to be able to just print all of my records on one page. For example, I have a To Do List - this list contains a To Do (Subject) column, priority column, category column, subcategory column, then 10 SubTask columns. If I just print from the Base itself, I can generally get all the info that I need to print but it looks terrible. Is there a way to use something like Page Designer to print out my To Do list and make it look good? It seems to me that Page Designer only lets you print one record per page, and I clearly don’t want/need each To Do to print on a single piece of paper.



Take a look at @Elias_Gomez_Sainz’s reply here for the basic mechanics of printing multiple records per page using the Page Designer Block.