Printing not working

When I go to print a view or table, and hit the print icon, it goes “gray”.

Hi @Elizabeth_Gee,

We’ve had a few reports of printing issues from other customers, and our engineering team is looking into it. If you’d like I can create a support ticket for you, or you can also watch this topic where I’ll send out an update once we know more.

Thank you for letting me know. I’d appreciate it if you could create a support ticket. We have to do some printing overnight.

Sure thing @Elizabeth_Gee!

Also having this issue specifically with Grid views. Clicking “Print” button in the print settings overlay, it changes to “Printing” and disables, the nothing happens after that.

This is mission critical for a small restaurant business that needs to print out entries in order to fill subscription orders… Anyone have any suggestions on other ways to get this printed short of exporting a CSV to another piece of software?

Hi everyone, this issue should be fully resolved now. Apologies again for the issue!

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