Printing of Groups Does Not Show Summary Detail Numbers


Bug Report: Related to Second Suggestion by Howie. ( posted to AirTable Forum ) How to Reflect Filtered Records on One Table to Lookup in Another?

Print and Printing of Groups Does not show summary detail numbers ( see below ) working in macOS current version & Safari.

Also would like to accumulate such totals for individual groupings of various columns into a single view. e.g.: Number of shirts by color, Number of Shirts by Size, Number of Shirts by Length. Is there any way to access the summary information to do this?

I notice that when I export to csv files the summary information is similarly missing.

In Groups: Expand and Collapse does not appear to enable Summary Information for more than a single column. That is when collapsed only the first grouping is summarized. I could be nice if you could expand and collapse incrementally.

Print Output

On Screen View in AirTable

Any suggestions are most welcome
Thank you