Printing to PDF option only available when Adobe Acrobat installed?

In “Print View”, I am only getting an option to save to PDF on a system with Adobe Acrobat installed.

At the office I don’t have Acrobat, is there a less expensive way to to save to PDF without installing Adobe Acrobat?


Plenty. The print-to-PDF function is a feature of the browser or browser extension; for instance, Chrome supports save-to-PDF as a default feature. Depending on the browser and version you use, you may need to load an extension.

Alternatively, you can easily find free or shareware utilities for most OSes that load a virtual print driver allowing creation of PDFs.

THANKS! - will check it out - really glad you pointed out it is not a function of having Acrobat installed or not…a conclusion I made without paying attention to the browser choice!

Indeed! - Vivaldi Browser promptly gave me the print in pdf option, while FF didn’t do that! THANKS!