Pro Plan not recognized for app install

I have the Pro Plan via a recent upgrade. Previously under this Pro Plan I added and used the Nobull app.

Today I discovered that the Nobull app is deactivated. When I try to add it again, I am told “This app is available on the Pro Plan” and that an upgrade is required. I have encountered the same issue when trying to add another app.

I understand that this post is a support request best sent via a direct contact to Airtable. I did so, but hoping for any comments as I await Airtable’s response.


Welcome to the Airtable community!

This is very strange.

The Pro upgrade is on a per-workspace level, not a per-account level. Can you check to make sure that the base is in the workspace that was upgraded to the Pro level, and not in a different free workspace?

Thank you! You have solved my issue.

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