Problem publishing tweets using Airtable automations


I’m trying to use Airtable Automation to publish a tweet every time there are new records that match some conditions. It was working well when I was testing it last week until today, when I received a Twitter error.

Screenshot of the error:
Captura de pantalla del 2020-09-28 12.41.26

The problem is that I don’t receive any other information. Could you help me discover what is happening?

(BTW, first I had a problem when publishing a tweet with an image (it was a correct image but it said incorrect size). But after removing the image from the record I received this other error.


The most likely cause is you have tripped a wire in the Twitter API causing perhaps a suspension of posting activity. Or maybe your use of the Twitter API has drifted into a premium level.

The most likely cause of that error would be that the application may have been write-restricted due to an antispam filter. Check the app on the Developer Portal for a visual indication of the current status.

If you have been write-restricted, you will need to use the My application has been suspended or restricted from performing write actions option on the API Policy Support form to request review. We’re unable to help with that via the forums.

Hi @Ferran_R,

We’re experiencing some issues with the Twitter automation action. Our team is investigating the issue and we will have more updates as soon as possible.